CarrollIrishClan.com is an initiative which seeks to establish genuine and meaningful connections between all people who have the Carroll family name or are of Carroll descent from anywhere in the world. Operating under the wider umbrella organisation of the Irish Clans Network, CarrollIrishClan.com aim is to provide a wealth of historical content to those interested in researching their Carroll heritage while also acting as a platform that helps build real and lasting associations between people who share the rich Carroll heritage.

It is by providing a tangible link back to the people and the land from which we Carroll’s originally came that we can look to the future with an understanding and appreciation of who we are as people and where we have originated from. CarrollIrishClan.com believes that it is the birth right of anyone who has the Carroll name themselves (or has the Carroll name within their family tree) to be part of a global and inclusive Carroll Clan.

Membership of the Carroll Clan via CarrollIrishClan.com exists without the involvement of any membership fee and there are no barriers to entry whatsoever. Working in tandem with the policies of the Irish Government and the objectives of the Global Irish Economic Forum, CarrollIrishClan.com is an official registrant of the Irish Clans Network which is an authoritative network involved in promoting the learning, understanding and impact that each Irish Clan has contributed to the world.

For further information or any enquiries on CarrollIrishClan.com:

Email: info@carrollirishclan.com